Striving to be Oregon’s Premier Club On and Off the Field

Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of technical and tactical training, athletic development, and competitive team play. We will offer our highly-skilled and capable players endless opportunities to further excel in the sport and in the classroom. It is Oregon Premier FC’s goal to become recognized across the United States as a consistently successful soccer club that provides model development for its players, both in terms of soccer development and personal growth.

Whether a player’s goal is to play at the highest level of the game, become a collegiate athlete or just enjoy playing the game they love we have the platform to support our players and families on their journeys.

OPFC Philosophy

At Oregon Premier FC, we believe in a holistic approach to coaching that goes beyond just teaching the technical aspects of the game. Our philosophy centers around a possession-based game model that not only aims to win matches but also fosters the development of complete players who can excel at the next level (college and MLS/USL). We understand that soccer is not just about passing and dribbling; it’s about intelligence, adaptability, and teamwork. Therefore, our coaching staff is dedicated to instilling a deep understanding of the game in our players. We emphasize the importance of maintaining possession, reading the game, and making intelligent decisions on and off the ball.

Our commitment to developing complete players extends beyond the field. We focus on character development, teaching our players the values of discipline, respect, and sportsmanship. We believe that players who possess not only technical skills but also a strong work ethic and a positive attitude are better prepared to succeed in the competitive world of soccer. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where players can grow both as athletes and individuals, building the foundation for success at the next level and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to produce players who are not only capable of playing at the highest level but also carry with them the principles of the beautiful game, making a positive impact on and off the field.

What’s Popular

OPFC Tryouts are open to register.

Elevate your child’s game with Oregon Premier FC! Our renowned Academy program offers top-tier training for high-level players, while our competitive program provides a nurturing environment for growth and development. Don’t miss the chance to find the perfect fit for your young athlete. Register now for tryouts and set them on the path to soccer success with Oregon Premier FC!

Oregon Premier FC opens registration for its second annual OPFC College ID Camp

Calling all aspiring college athletes! Secure your spot at our elite College ID Camp, where dreams become reality. Backed by our proven track record of success, our first-ever ID camp in 2023 resulted in numerous players being recruited to top-tier collegiate programs. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to showcase your skills and catch the eye of college coaches actively seeking talent. Register now and take the first step towards your future in collegiate soccer!

2024 College Commits

We Have The Right Soccer Program For Your Player

OPFC offers numerous competitive soccer programs for multiple age groups throughout the year. No matter your player’s goals, OPFC has the program to support your player’s soccer journey.


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U12 (2012) -U19 (2005)

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